Student Teaching Feedback Quiz


Receiving feedback can be tender, especially as we're still learning!
Our feedback method ensures a safe environment for everyone by being specific about how you experienced the class, rather than rating or making performative judgments about the teacher.

We request specifics about:
1. What they did/didn't do [OBSERVATION]
2. What feelings were alive in you [FEELING]
3. What needs were met/not met [NEED]
4. Any specific requests you might have that would have made it more wonderful for you [REQUEST].

How feedback works:
After the class you attend, you'll be asked to fill out a GoogleForm with entries for each of those items.


Here are a few examples of valuable feedback to a student teacher who just led a mantra class:

When you explained the mouth position before we chanted the mantra, I felt curious and excited. My need for learning was met!

You looked down at your hands the whole time you were playing the harmonium. I felt bored. My need for connection, play, and fun were not met. Next time, could you make a little eye contact?

Here are a few example of less-than-helpful feedback to student teacher who just led a mantra class:
Your class was awesome! Great job!

I really didn't like your class.


Please take this 3 question quiz to ensure you'll be giving safe and effective feedback.

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Question 1 of 3

The feedback "When I heard the sound of your singing voice, I felt warm and joyful!" is an example of


a specific observation and a feeling that's alive in the observer


a positive judgment

Question 2 of 3

The feedback "You only gave us 2 chances to sing after you, before moving on to a new melody. I felt frustrated. My needs for play & ease were not met. Can you go slower next time? Ask if we've got it before you move on?" is example of:


a specific observation, feeling, needs and requests


a negative judgment

Question 3 of 3

The feedback "You're an awesome teacher!" alone is not helpful because


not everyone thinks you're an awesome teacher


without knowing what was done or said (and the needs it met), the strategy can't be consistently repeated (or improved)


it feeds ego and yogis are supposed to be humble

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